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Writing in JavaScript when you learned to code originally in a language like C/Java:

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If you disrespect people in the tech industry, the angry spirits of Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, and Grace Hopper, the creator of the first compiler, will delete all the commenting from someone’s code just before you have to debug it.

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gun perspective in FPS games doesn’t make any sense

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If you are reading this, thank this woman. Her name is Grace Hopper, and she is one of the most under appreciated computer scientists ever. You think Gates and Jobs were cool? THIS WOMEN WORKED ON COMPUTERS WHEN THEY TOOK UP ROOMS. She invented the first compiler, which is a program that translates a computer language like Java or C++ into machine code, called assembly, that can be read by a processor. Every single program you use, every OS and server, was made possible by her first compiler.

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Cbase, a Berlin hackerspace

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oh my god this is like somebody brought some 90s cyberpunk concept art to life and i love it

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